Alternative Energy


Alternative Energy – or Green Energy – is coming on strong these days after a lull in activity from the early 80’s. Back then, when we first started talking about the “energy crisis”, there was a real push at both the state and federal level toward alternatives to the fossil fuels we have been relying on. Tax credits were available that promoted the use of solar and wind power and installations started to pop around the country. I know, I was one of those who took advantage of the tax credits when I started out building our rural home in the foothills of the Rockies. Although we had plenty of wind, perched on top of a hill, solar was the option being most promoted.
As a testament to the power of the oil production lobby, that all changed when Ronald Reagan took office. One of the first things he did was to have the solar panels Jimmy Carter had installed on the White House removed. This sent a clear signal that our Solar and Wind Renaissance was over. And so it was. Development of solar photovoltaics and installations of solar hot water heat and further advancements in wind generation pretty much came to a screeching halt. These technologies advanced slowly over the intervening decades. When compared to other technological advances such as computers and the internet, solar and wind technology pretty stalled to the point that today’s systems aren’t that much more advanced than they were 35 years ago.
Now, with all the talk of global warming, or more accurately, climate change, there has been a resurgence in renewable energy. There are even huge, municipal installations supplementing grid powered utilities. Outside the small town of Alamosa, Colorado, is what was the world’s largest concentrated photovoltaic power station at the time of its construction
In 2006, every 80 minutes, another family or business in North America switched to solar energy in one form or another. In 2013, that number increased to every four minutes! Across N. America and Europe, homeowners and businesses are taking advantage of the greatest resource we have – the sun.

Solar panels on barn in Tuscany, Italy

Solar panels on barn in Tuscany, Italy

Isn’t time you made the switch to renewables such as solar, wind or hydrogen energy? It has never been easier or more cost effective to make the transition. We are making the transition we started back at the end of the 1970′s. I’ve put together this website as part of my research into how to do this the most effectively and to share that information with you to make it easier for you to do this as well.
Whether it’s solar electricity, solar hot water for everyday use or solar hot water to help heat your home, wind chargers to supplement your electricity or hydrogen to fuel your car, it is my sincere desire to help you in researching out those technologies that will be beneficial to you and your family as we go forward.
In the spirit of taking action now that will benefit the 7th generation down the line from where we are now, let us become better stewards of our amazing planet and become more “green” in our thinking and actions as a tribute to our Mother Earth.

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