Bio-Mass – that’s a much bigger word than it first appears because it covers a wide ranging group of categories from wood chips turned into pellets for pellet stoves, corn turned into ethanol as a gasoline additive, algae used to create fuel, basically, using anything that was once living, mostly plant based, that can be turned into some form of energy.
Wood is probably the most commonly known bio-mass energy source since we’ve been using it since our cave man days to burn, generating heat and a way for cooking our food. We now take down and dead forest products and turn them into pellets for pellet stoves and burn logs in our wood burning stoves and fireplaces. Pulping liquor or “black liquor” is our largest source for wood energy. It’s the by product from paper and cardboard manufacturing. Currently, ethanol is a rising bio-fuel, turning corn into ethanol as a gasoline additive in percentages of 10 – 15% up to 85% concentration.
Many other fibrous plants such as sugar cane, switch grass and hemp are being grown and cultivated for their use in bio-fuels. Herein, we are exploring the many varieties of bio-fuel and how they are helping to ease our dependance on fossil fuels.

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