Future Renewable Energy Sources

Sustainable, renewable energy is in our future – and it may not be that far off!

The beauty of the  alternative power options discussed on this website is that they are renewable and sustainable. Chances of us running out of fuel from these sources is pretty much non-existent.  If they were to be disrupted, most likely, life on the planet as we know it would have been severely disrupted already, anyway.  For example, if were to lose the ability for the sun to provide power, most likely it would be because of some extreme natural phenomena blocking out the sun such an asteroid hit believed to have caused the extinction of the dinosaurs due to the resulting cloud of dust that blocked the sun.  Or, we would be in a nuclear winter caused by wide scale nuclear warfare.  Massive volcanoes with an outpouring of ash such as we have never seen could also create this scenario.   By all attempts at making an educated and calculated guess as to just how much solar energy comes our way every day, there is more than enough power, efficiently generated through existing technology, to provide power for all of man kinds’ needs.

Wind power is an another excellent example of sustainable, renewable energy.  The power potential of the winds that blow across the United States, alone, annually generates more than 16 billion GJ of electricity. Tidal power- generated by the moon is another constant we can count on as long as there isn’t some type of calamity that would destroy it. The ebb and flow of water through tidal bores has the potential to create vast amounts of energy.  Just look at how much coastal area there is around the world. Hydroelectric power – water energy will most certainly  be readily available unless there is an extreme change in rainfall designs or droughts.

An additional advantage of renewable energy is it’s environmentally friendly.  There are no carbon dioxide emissions contributing to global warming or climate change like we are experiencing now. Bio-fuels are carbon neutral as producing them diminishes about as much CARBON DIOXIDE as expending them produces. Considering these renewable resource benefits, it fits for creating simple as well as economical resources of energy. Non-renewable sources (for e.g. carbon-based fuels )are limited or finite-their materials will eventually run out in the future. Just as the settlers of the great American west could not fathom the possibility of eradicating the huge herds of buffalo that once roamed the plains, it is possible to actually extract all of these fossil fuels from the ground, causing irreparable damages to the earth that we can’t even fathom. Non-renewable sources like oil launch CARBON DIOXIDE right into our environment. These are poor sources of fuel that are diminishing as the energy dilemma is bearing down on us, constantly. Thus, we can strongly agree that the renewable resources will provide a better future for earth’s inhabitants.

Picture future (and not all that distant!) automobiles running on solar power. One will have solar panels on their roof generating enough power to charge batteries capable of providing enough distance, certainly, for most commutes and, for longer distances, there will be solar charging stations along the way proving quick charges to continue on your way. No emmisions! Same with hydrogen fuel cells. No emissions except for good ol’ water.

We already have enough renewable options to dramatically decrease our dependence on fossil fuels. The trick would seem to have those who are already profiting the most from the extraction of fossil fuels to turn their attention and money to the development of these renewable resources. Their future is bright and so is ours. Current innovations and developments are promising. We are on the cusp of a new era of power generation and it is very exciting!


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