Hydrogen fuel cells for cars

We are finally arriving at the point where hydrogen fuel cells, made from the most plentiful chemical substance in the universeis coming of age. We’ve been using hydrogen fuel cells to power rockets and in other industrial applications for much of the past century but harnessing these fuel cells for cars and households have been a long time coming. There are many reasons for this, many of them political, but also due to the explosive properties of hydrogen and the lack of hydrogen filling stations.

Back yard inventors have been coming up with simple converters that will allow our cars to run on hydrogen but they have not been commercially viable until now. Toyota has recently rolled out its newest hydrogen fuel cell car in California where there are actually hydrogen fuel stations with more on the way.

Hydrogen fuel is an environmentally friendly, sustainable or renewable energy form. Fat chance we will ever run out of hydrogen, being it is the most plentiful chemical substance in the known universe! Fuel cell emissions are plain water. Compare that to the emissions from gasoline or diesel. Imagine having a car getting 70% more fuel efficiency without the negatives of pollution and global climate change. No comparison… Cars play a major role in increasing our overall carbon footprint. It is certainly a way to make the planet greener without the adverse effects of emitting too much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere upsetting the delicate balance of life.

This video highlighting Toyota’s new hydrogen fuel cell cars is a breath of fresh air. They’ve incorporated their Prius hybrid electric technology with hydrogen as the fuel source. Innovations such as this are what give us hope for a sustainable future, one that takes into account the old Indian logic of taking actions that will benefit those 7 generations down the line, not just living for today.

Find out more about how a hydrogen fuel cell works.

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