Innovation – and the impediment against it

I’ve worked with developing technologies for the past 20 years of my life.  I have witnessed first hand that the most valuable resource we have is the human mind and our ability to problem solve, yet it also remains the most under-utilized resource we have.  Human ingenuity is what has gotten us to where we are but there has been a systemic undermining of this greatest natural resource.  One might argue that we live in a time of great innovation – perhaps the greatest period in our combined history, but I have seen so many innovations that have died on the vine due to lack of funding and/or lack of interest because this or that new technology would threaten the status quo.

We have a population on this planet of some 7 billion people. People say that our greatest problem is over population.  I say that is not true. Anyone who travels can attest to the fact of how much open space there is.  In New Mexico alone, the 5th largest state in land area, has a population of less than 2 million, with over 1/3 of those folks living in the greater Albuquerque area.  One can travel all over the state and see very little sign of people.  It has been estimated that if we took the whole world’s population and gave every one one square yard, we wouldn’t fill up the entire state of Texas.  Seems hard to believe but that just goes to show you how much land mass there is.  By using our existing resources wisely and disposing of our waste using under developed technology that is begging to be developed, we can continue to expand our numbers without degrading the quality of life on the planet.

Our greatest threat to the planet is not over population.  It is greed.  It is now estimated that 80 people in the world control more money than over half of the world’s population.  How can this be?  Money is a man-made system for exchange of goods and services.  Because it is man made, it can be manipulated according the rules and whims of those who best know how to exploit the system.  Take for example our so called Fractional Reserve system for creating money. It had its origins from the bankers in Europe who devised a system of lending money based on perceived holdings, whether they were actually there or not.  They eventually took over the money systems of most of the world’s central banks.  Watch the video, below, for a quick introduction and understanding of just how this came about and why we are under their control now.

The 2008 bust is a good example of how the boom-bust cycle works as was the dot com bust and every other bust we have gone through.  Those who manipulate our money system have been able to ratchet up the value of an asset, driving the public into a buying frenzy for those assets. Once a sufficient amount of money has been invested, the rug is pulled out from under those assets and the public, naive and unaware of these deceptive practices, ends up losing their a$$ets.  The underlying money doesn’t just disappear, it is swept into the accounts of those who are manipulating the system, over riding any sound economic practices.

I have gone off on a tangent for a reason.  The real money isn’t being made through innovation, despite the success of companies like Apple and Microsoft.  The real money is being made by those who control the money and manipulation of the money.  This is a real detriment to innovation.  It is easier to stick with the tried and true cash cows than to go with a new technology that will unseat those industries already making a lucrative income.  Fossil fuel extraction is a good example.  We now have the technology to put solar, wind, hydrogen or hydro-power, depending on the environment of the location, to locally power homes and business on a global scale, yet fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas and oil continue to be the dominant energy sources.  Why would we not develop the renewable energy sources that are ready for universal application and do not produce the harmful pollutants and carbon foot print that is leading to possible devastating global consequences?  Greed.  Greed for power and bowing to the false idol of money that was originally intended to be a means for prosperity and good living for all people, not just the privileged few who have learned how to manipulate it.

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