Innovation – Rocket Mass stoves

How many times can I say it?!  Innovation is what is going to save the planet…  Just when we thought we had the most efficient wood stoves, along comes the Rocket Mass stove – and it’s not rocket science!

Innovation, tapping the endless resources and ingenuity of the human mind to come up with new ideas to solve old problems is the only think that is going to get out of the mess we have created so far as we have evolved on a global basis to get to where we are today.  Using renewable energy sources such as the sun, wind and water are all examples we are familiar with.  We are learning to take full advantage of these every day resources to heat our homes, power our appliances and power the mundane aspects of our lives that require tending to everyday.  Innovation also comes in the form of maximizing efficiencies, getting more from what we already use and making existing technology better. Wood is also a renewable resource.

Rocket Mass stoves have the potential of revolutionizing wood stoves, how they work, their efficiency and more complete use of wood as their fuel source.  I am also guessing that we will be able to make better use of other fuel sources such as dung where forests and timber products are not available.

The rocket stove takes our fascination with fire and bends it 90 degrees. Discover the secrets of building an amazing Rocket Stove from Ashley Lubyk of Dirt Craft Natural Building and Rob Avis of Verge Permaculture. Learn more in our full blog, radio podcast and photos:

It’s a hyper efficient wood stove that uses far less wood to get a far more effective result, whether it’s heating or cooking. It grew out of efforts in developing countries to build a more fuel efficient, safer cooking stove and it has since morphed into an idea that could eventually replace your furnace. Why is this stove called the Rocket?  Beats me. It doesn’t look like a rocket but it looks promising.  Less wood, more heat.

Rocket on!

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