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Installing the Heat Ex-changer Connections
The parts description primarily apply to Gold and Platinum Levels.

1. The threaded brass fittings are installed using at least 6 tight turns of Teflon Tape or Teflon pipe dope.

2. Heat Ex-changer IN (Hot Return): Connect and tighten ¾” brass nipple or adapter to the Hot Return Fittings (with or connect to check valve) to the TOP, Hot In Heat Ex-changer fitting as shown. The Platinum system Summer Bypass is installed in a similar way. The Silver will need a 90, ¾” adapter and 3/4″ male adapter.

3. Connect the Collector Hot Return Line to the short Hot Return Tank Fitting.

3) Heat Ex-changer OUT (Collector Feed): Starting at the bottom heat ex-changer OUT, connect and tighten
the ¾” brass nipple, , attach the brass V2 hose bib adapter with the ¾” female fitting facing up, attach the
charging assembly comprising of the ¾” to ½”
brass adapter, V1 charging valves, V3 ball
valve, then the pump (install with the driver
removed using care with the O ring when
replacing), threaded adapter, compression
tee, expansion tank and pressure gauge
assembly line, as shown. Connect the bronze
Pump housing with the arrow up.

4) If using non split insulation, put insulation
on the feed and return lines prior to
connecting lines to talk.

5) Connect the Collector feed line to the tank‟s
pump feed line using the ½ compression

7) Connect the tank hot and cold lines and Mixing
Valves per the diagram below.

8) Charge the system by following the procedures
in Section 11.0 below.

9) Insulate all water lines including the last 5‟ of cold water line as accessible with R-2.6 or greater insulation.
Before insulating the lines, pressurize the solar loop with water and thoroughly test for leaks.

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