Micro Hydro Electric Power System in Colorado

Hydroelectric renewable energy extracts the force from moving water to generate electrical power. The idea of hydroelectricity is to focus falling water and mechanically leverage its benefits by the use of revolving generators to create electricity.Like other renewable energies discussed herein, Hydroelectric is dependable as long as there is water available to run it. It’s environmentally friendly as it does not produce any sort of dangerous exhausts and gasses that ruin the environment. Further, it is a method of power generation that has been used since ancient times.Hydroelectric power is used on large scale projects such as the Hoover Dam in Nevada which produces huge amounts of electricity and it can be used for small scale production as shown in the video, above. Both facilities make use of the same underlying principle built to different scales.

Hydroelectric power is most commonly utilized on a larger scale, damming a stream to create a reservoir of water that, once allowed to fall over the spillway of the dam, moves at a high rate of speed, enough to turn the turbines at the base of the dam to spin the generators and create the electricity. Again, the above video provides a good demonstration of how this works but on a much smaller scale. The beauty of the dam/reservoir is it enables a controlled flow of the water to cross the dam in a regulated environment.

Small scale hydroelectric power is not as preferable for homeowners in the context of electricity generation due to the effort involved in keeping the mechanical parts working relative to the smaller amount of electrical power. But hey, if you have a stream running on or through your property, this could well be worth the effort.

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