Obama’s Survey for 2015

President Obama sent out a survey recently asking what we thought was the number one issue for him to pursue during the next 2 years.  With all the challenges facing our country right now, I had to think quite a bit about this.  My first thought was to go after the crooked banksters who manipulated our artificial monetary system for their own gain before it came crashing down and caused the rest of us to lose 40-50% of our savings, caused people to lose their homes and jobs, plunging us into the worst recession since the Great Depression.

President Obama 2015 Survey

President Obama 2015 Survey

The list of these priorities is shown in this graphic.  The Banksters were not a choice, so after careful consideration, I chose Investing in Clean Energy.  I was then asked why I made the choice I did.

Here are the reasons:

Clean Energy addresses the following issues:

  1. Addressing & combatting climate change – clean technology weaning away from fossil fuels and the carbon that’s spewed into the atmosphere
  2. Expanding opportunity for young Americans – solar already provides more clean jobs than coal and natural gas combined!
  3. Rebuilding our infrastructure – new chance to get it right and clean up America!
  4. Boost American Manufacturing – new opportunities to build clean innovations.
  5. Raising the Federal minimum wage – Creating good paying jobs above the minimum.
  6. Ensuring equal pay for women – new industries, new rules
  7. Helping more Americans save for retirement – reduced energy bills can go towards living.
  8. Expanding opportunities for responsible home ownership: Higher wages will allow young people to buy a home.
  9. Growing America’s small business:  Many opportunities from sales, distribution and installation for small businesses.

From my perspective, investing in Clean Energy should be a top priority as we move ahead.  We will be providing all of the financial gains as mentioned plus contribute to a clean, greener planet.

When asked what I was personally doing to help contribute to this goal, I said that I am building this website, Thermasave, Alternative, Green Energy Resources. As a longtime advocate of solar energy, it’s my own contribution that I hope will help someone along the way in their quest for learning about renewable, clean energy.

For more information and to re-enforce my viewpoints, follow some of the leads I’ve posted, below…  The video at the bottom is from a speech Obama made 4 years ago at Penn State.  His commitment to clean energy has been unwavering.

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