Peak Oil Book Review: Homeowner’s Guide to Energy Independence

Several home energy options are available today for any homeowner to adopt as a panacea to high utility bills paid to the power company every month. There is even a latest development that is causing such an uproar with its introduction and launch because it promises the production of electricity by using magnets.

Do you remember MAGNETS? The types found on refrigerators, etc at home. Before you assume wrongly that such a feat is impossible, consider the fact that mobile phones are handy telecommunication gadgets everybody gets to carry about unlike several years back.

It must be mentioned that one worst hit place with the global economic crisis is the family finances which has forced many to take the matter of budgeting serious. Nowadays, it is not far-fetched to notice families adopt cost and energy saving measures by considering ways and means by which home energy bills can be eliminated or reduced to the barest minimum.

To this end our society has witnessed the launch of products and programs with renewable and non-renewable energy sources as an alternative to rising energy costs, depleting fossil fuels reserves, etc.

The introduction of any alternative energy source must be seen as a relief to the home because there are untold benefits that can be enjoyed such as:
1. Reduction in monies paid for energy use every month.
2. Reduced dependence on the Power grid.
3. Great savings for other family needs and/or projects.
4. Support for the campaign to GO GREEN.

Families and especially homeowners can favorably look forward to a brighter future with less worry on how the family finances will be spent or utilized in the face of increasing demands from all angles- education, medicals, upkeep, vacation, maintenance, gas, etc.

When you get to consider it, the energy sector has indeed witnessed breakthroughs in technology such as hydropower, gas power, wind turbines, biofuels, solar panels, water4gas, and most recently magnetic power for the production of energy for use in homes and offices.

Some of these readily fall into the RENEWABLE AND NON-RENEWABLE ENERGY OPTIONS.

Two things that readily come to the fore when you consider alternative sources of energy are flexibility and independence. How long shall we continue to depend on the grid or fossil fuels for the supply of energy to power home appliances and office equipments? NOT LONG if I must say because day by day the fossil fuels reserves are going down while the price of energy is going up.

This is one reason many homeowners are going for DIY home energy options. Depending on your location and/or preference any alternative source of energy you adopt is bound to serve you for a long time indeed seeing most are robust and cost effective.

You get to enjoy electricity at home as before, and you also get to make great savings on your monthly energy bills from the power company. This promises more enjoyment for your family as you are now better positioned to finance other projects you might have.

The prospect of generating your own home made electricity is too appealing to allow pass bye just like that. Not only are homeowners waking up to the potentials this technological development holds but are also encouraging others such as relations, friends and colleagues to do the same.

Don’t be shocked to discover that you are part of the few yet remaining to consider and adopt alternative home energy source. One reason your neighbors are no longer complaining about high energy bills served every month might simply be that they are already enjoying free electricity at no extra cost. And in the event no one around you especially your neighbors has wizened up to this latest development that is fast bringing relief to homeowners in the face of high energy bills paid to the power company every month, you can be the first to introduce this and help bring hope in this harsh economic climate we are all living in.

Get to save on high utility bills by generating your own FREE electricity at home, eliminate the monies you pay to the power company, become independent of the power grid, help protect the environment and get to improve on your family finances as you achieve more on the resources available today.

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Homeowner’s Guide to Energy Independence This is my Peak Oil Book Review for the book, “The Homeowner’s Guide to Energy Independence”.

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• Alternative power sources for the average American. I’m giving this book three stars. It is very simplistic but it’s great for the masses. If everyone did two percent of what they recommend in this book we’d probably shut down one hundred power plants. It wouldn’t solve the problem, it would just delay the inevitable.

• It gave realistic methods to power down and to reduce your home’s reliance on fossil fuels. I had implemented a few of these things anyway, it’s nice to hear some things I may not have thought of in terms of alternative means. It covered the basics, more of a broad view in terms of solar options, wind, geothermal and of course conservation or negawatts. Using wood, even micro hydro systems for the home and biodiesel for transportation.

• It’s a good book if you’re thinking overall of how do I power down and reduce your fossil fuel reliance, I’m not comfortable with the unpredictability of fossil fuel prices. It’s a great book, I give it three stars.

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