Ready2Go Frequently Asked Questions “how many solar panels?” and “will it run a whole house?”

Rising fuel prices have lent urgency to the search for alternative electrical power sources for residential properties. Two of the most obvious solutions are the wind power system and the solar power system. Installation of either of the systems is going to stretch your finances. But tax cuts, subsidies, etc. are available in both these cases. Residential solar power system is preferable for many reasons.

Solar energy in adequate intensity is available in most places, wind power is not. You do not have the hassles of dealing with local authority clearances, neighbors’ complaints, etc. to worry about in case of residential solar power systems. Solar power systems permit you to plan for installation of a basic system and then carry on adding to it as you gain more experience and have less economic constraints. Aesthetically also solar power systems are more attractive.

There are three configurations of residential solar power systems you could consider.

You may choose to install a stand-alone system even if you have utility supply available; in this case your residential solar power system supplies power to only some of your household appliances and the rest of the appliances remain connected to the utility supply.

Moreover when your solar power system generates power in excess of your own requirements, you may supply the excess power to the utility grid (and get paid for it). This system obviously will be costlier but has its own advantages.

Out of the three options mentioned above the stand-alone residential solar power system is the cheapest, the grid-connected solar power system with battery backup is the costliest. Of course, when you your house is in an area not served by any utility, the stand-alone system is the only option.

At present residential solar power systems are fairly costly even after allowing for the tax cuts, subsidies, etc. It is expected that in the next couple of years there will be significant reduction in costs, thanks to large mass production facilities for solar cell manufacture being setup by many large companies and advances in the solar cell manufacturing processes.

With fast dwindling fossil fuel resources and ever increasing need to cut down on carbon emissions, it will be prudent to take a long term view and adjust your lifestyle so that your dependence on power supplies from utility companies is reduced. Economize in your energy consumption; wherever possible change over your appliances that use electric heating to alternative energy sources.

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