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In recent days, solar power is being used for residential purposes too. There are 2 main reasons behind this usage:

1. We can store the solar energy and use it when required
2. We can save the bills, with an one time investment (investment for solar power set-up)

Now, let’s have a brief note on how solar energy can be installed for homes.

Before proceeding with the installation, get quotes from a minimum of 3 well known companies who are specialised in “solar power installation”. Have an elobarate chat with them and discuss about the various options available for the home installation.

Do not go for the cheapest; go for the one you feel confident about getting the job done perfect.

Always, give preference to the experienced players; don’t go for newbies on the market, unless you have good experience in the relevant field and you know what has to be done. This is because, there are many tricky electrical works involved in the installation process, starting from the components up to the fixing of panels and connecting them. Moreover, professionals know the additional or advanced work that can be done along with the intallation.

You can also enjoy the warranty and future enhancements with the experienced professionals, which you cannot expect from the newbies.

While adding solar power for residential homes, it is advised to install maximum number of panels on the roof. In this way, maximum benefit can be attained.

Make sure that you have permits from the electricity board and local building council that you can add solar power to your home. If you are unsure about this part, make a call to your city / county building council and get confirmed first.

If in case you reside in a big city (say, a metropolitan or cosmopolitan), residential solar power contractor in your area can arrange for this permission, by speaking to the respective council.

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Residential solar energy is now accessible to all homeowners. Homeowners can now buy their own solar panel system, lease a solar panel system, or purchase just the power. These solar energy choices empower Californians to make sensible power choices that are economical, healthy, and good for the planet.

Take control of your home’s energy bills by converting to solar energy. It’s now very easy to do. With $0 down options, government rebates and specialized financing, going solar has never been easier.

If you choose to purchase solar power, you can get started with no money down and lock in electricity rates for the next 20 years! You don’t have to worry about installation, monitoring and repairs since the solar power company handles everything. Essentially, you lease the equipment and purchase the power. Many Californians have favored this approach since you get all the benefits of going solar without the installation costs.

If you choose to buy solar panels, then you can enjoy significant government rebates that reduce the purchase price by over 33%.

Either way, buying a solar panel system or buying solar power, you’re making a smart decision that is good for you, your family, your pocketbook and the planet.


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