Solar Power

Sunshine - Solar Power!When we talk about solar power, we’re really talking about many aspects of how the sun can help us in our daily lives.

Oh, the sun… That magnificent ball of solar energy positioned at the exact distance from the earth to successfully sustain life on this planet. At 93 million miles away, it is truly an amazing fact that by the time the sun’s rays reach earth, they arrive in their most benevolent form, ripe for solar harvesting.

Unfortunately, during man’s development, we have largely overlooked this natural marvel as we learned to exploit terrestrial resources – coal, oil and natural gas. The main benefit of these extraction methods has been for those who are in the business of mining them from the earth and then reselling them to us, the end consumer. That was all well and good during the beginning of the industrial revolution when we had not yet learned to harness this solar energy. We have all benefited from the use of these fossil fuels and the era of being solely dependent on them has long since passed – or at least, in theory, should have been replaced by the renewable energy of the solar power that is pouring down upon us most days.

Fortunately, there has been a revolution occurring around the world in the past 40 or so years as we have begun to harvest this solar energy – much to the disapproval of those in the business of physical extraction of our earth’s resources. Watch the video, below, and you’ll get an idea of what I mean. We’ve started going back to our ancestral roots of using the sun to warm our homes – witness Chaco Canyon in New Mexico, Pueblo Bonito, Chaco Canyon, NM where they built their buildings with solar orientation for heat or of our own home that takes advantage of solar power to heat our home – and what a great job it does!
Solar power provides us with so many great benefits: heat, light, plants, wind currents, and now, electricity, hot water for showers and washing dishes as well as for heating our homes using radiant heat.

Solar power is just one of the many renewable resources we have at our finger tips. Now is the time to embrace these new technologies for a better now and a sustainable future for coming generations. Won’t you take some time and explore those options and opportunities with us?


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