Alamosa Solar Generating Plant

Alamosa Solar Generating Plant

Alamosa Solar Generating Project is located in Colorado

Alamosa Solar Generating Project

Location of Alamosa Solar Generating Plant



Country United States
Location Alamosa, Colorado
Coordinates 37°35′54″N 105°57′07″W / 37.59833°N 105.95194°W / 37.59833; -105.95194Coordinates: 37°35′54″N 105°57′07″W / 37.59833°N 105.95194°W / 37.59833; -105.95194
Status Operational
Construction began 2011
Commission date May 10, 2012
Owner(s) Cogentrix Solar
Solar farm
Type CPV
Site area 225 acres (91 ha)
Power generation
Units operational 504 Amonix 7700
Nameplate capacity 37
Annual generation 87.554

The Alamosa Solar Generating Plant is a 37 MWp (30.72 MW AC) concentrated photovoltaics power station, the largest in the world when it was completed, in May 2012.[1] It is located in the sunny San Luis Valley, along with several other solar farms. It was built by Mortenson construction using 492 dual axis Amonix 7700 panels each of which contains 7,560 fresnel lens[2] to concentrate sunlight 500 times, and multijunction photovoltaic cells, allowing a greater efficiency than other photovoltaic power plants. It uses all three of the methods available to increase efficiency – dual-axis tracking, concentrating photovoltaics, and multijunction cells. The systems are certified for operation for 50 years, but the multijunction cells will need to be replaced in 25 years.[3] The output is being sold to Public Service of Colorado, a subsidiary of Xcel Energy, under a long term Power Purchase Agreement.

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