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aeromotor1Wind Power!

Remember these rusting icons from the past?  These wind powered well pumps helped settle the west – and other parts of the country.  I can remember as a small boy going to our neighbor’s family farm where they were still using a windmill just like this one to pump their well.  As a kid who grew up with running water, this was quite an amazing thing to see and use.  There was always an old tin cup hanging on the frame to get a cold drink of water.

This windmill is on a ranch in Northern New Mexico.  You still see them from time to time but mostly they’ve become a thing of the past.  Later on, a similar model helped further growth across rural America, only these were wind chargers, not pumps.  As part of the rural electrification, before the country was criss-crossed with power lines, these wind chargers provided electricity.  Once our power grid had been established and even the most remote homes had a power line stretched to their house, we collectively forgot all about these contraptions.

When I first moved to New Mexico in the late 1970’s, there was an energy revolution starting to take place.  State and federal tax subsidies were offered as a way to get us to switch to renewable energy source such as solar and wind.  About that time I met a young guy named “Windy” who was one of those techie type guys most of would refer to as a geek these days.  He had assumed this moniker because of his interest in and development of wind charging systems at a time when they were no longer being widely used because we had collectively forgotten about them.  Funny thing, though, by the time I had met him, he still went by that name (in fact, still does!) but he had made the transition to solar innovation.  In fact, he had built his very own solar powered car!  Get this:  It was an old Sunbeam car from probably the ’60’s.  He had rigged up a couple of solar panels on the roof that powered a jet aircraft starter motor and he was able to drive it all over his property and neighborhood – and more, had it been properly licensed.

I digress.  I just can’t help but thinking about wind power and Windy at the same time.  He went on to develop a very successful solar power company that he sold to the Germans and retired at an early age!

Wind power has certainly come a long way from that time.  Whenever I drive across this country, I regularly see huge wind farms on the horizon.  The picture at the top is from one such wind farm outside Amarillo, Texas.  We also saw many of these wind farms on a recent trip through Western and Central Europe.  We don’t have anything on those countries.  While we continue to debate the use of renewable energy, they are developing them on a grand scale.

If you live where the wind blows steady, you just might want to consider installing a new generation wind charger for your property.  They are so much more efficient and reliable than in the past that they are now worth considering.

Take some time, go through this website and learn more about all the innovative developments in alternative energy that is finally starting to become economically viable and that are being used around the world.

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